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2014 Goals in Review

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Ever since I heard Matt Cutts speak about 30-day goals at TED in 2012 my approach to goal-setting has changed. My 2013 and 2014 goals all consisted of a theme for the year, broken up into different monthly accomplishments.
Here’s 2014 in review. My goal was to do a “project” every month. I didn’t define “project”, but they consisted of a) …

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Why I Support Coding Bootcamps

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There’s a Ruby on Rails coding bootcamp in Boston called Launch Academy. I know two people who have attended it: Ashley and Peter. Neither of them had much coding background prior to enrolling.
Launch Academy is a 10-week bootcamp. Both Ashley and Peter got great jobs when they finished. At $12,500 it’s not cheap, but it also seems to be an …

Rule 1: The Best Startups Work a Lot Like Cults

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“Why work with a group of people who don’t even like each other? Taking a merely professional view of the workplace, in which free agents check in and out on a transactional basis, is worse than cold: It’s not even rational. Since time is your most valuable asset, it’s odd to spend it working with people who don’t envision any …

Don’t Throw Away Your Bookshelf

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“Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators.” – Stephen Fry
There was a time when you walked into a house and saw a row of CD’s in a tower or on a shelf. It grabbed your attention. You wandered toward it and began to inspect it. What kind of music do they listen to? I love that …

SCAMPER Method of Creative Thinking

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While writing my blog post about The Innovator’s DNA, I stumbled across a creative thinking framework I had never heard of before. SCAMPER was created by Bob Eberle based on the brainstorming research of Alex Osborn.


For a great in-depth explanation of this creativity framework you should read this article.
I couldn’t find a good printable one page reminder of the concept …

When Social Media Gets Real

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A fascinating thing happened to me at an event I attended. Dan Heath, co-author of Made to Stick, Switch, and Decisive, spoke at Brandeis University about his book Switch. The event was sponsored by Comcast Business Class and Inc. Magazine (thanks!) and also featured Brian Halligan of Hubspot.
Naturally, I tweeted about it to make @jeffrsnbgh jealous (we’re both big Heath …

Good Novels Don’t Have to Be Hard Work

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My sister-in-law Jessica majored in English at Yale. Although her current apartment has plenty of books, a sizable portion of her collection is still at her childhood home. When you enter that room you find shelf after shelf of literature and classics. She doesn’t read books, she reads literature.
I recently asked her what one of her favorites was. She replied …